How's it going everyone,

This week like the week indicates was a little dry. Turns out people don't enjoy the cold very much and when you try and talk to them they enjoy you even less. Me and Elder White went tracting at a bunch of town homes and people looked through their windows and waved us off or just kinda looked from the top and said, "It's too cold!" We're like you're telling me buddy.

This week we had another lesson with Gilbert and we were really hoping for a miracle with him. I had been praying for him the whole week, prepping a solid lesson, getting really pumped for a miracle to happen aaaannnnndddd it was the worse lesson I've taught on my mission. The Spirit was killed with contention and every attempt to bring it back did not work. So I was really bummed and now we might have to drop him because he's not making any progress, so that's really sad for me.

This week you all should go and watch the new Nativity video it's really good and the wise men are awesome. Go shovel someone's driveway too! That's an easy way to be nice. Love you all and hope you continue to have a great Christmas season!

Whats up it's Elder Shipley

This week was pretty solid. It's still a grind here in Scarborough. Toronto, Canada is an interesting place and it gets more interesting with everyone I talk to haha. We got a call last week saying that our tripan was getting split up and now Elder Hugh is training a visa waiter straight out of the MTC and me and Elder White are having a party trying to share the Gospel.

The most insane Spiritual experience of my mission happened this week. So me and my trainer like my first 3 weeks found a guy named Gilbert and he has been one of my favorite and least favorite inverstigators I've had. He has been so frusterating and has pushed me to become more literate in the scriptures and he has grown me into a way better teacher. I want him to get baptized. SO. FREAKING. BAD. I love this guy so much but he's so stubborn. I pray for him every night that he'll feel the Spirit when he asks by himself. Anyway, enough ranting heres the story. So we prep for the lesson and we decide we're just gonna testify of our Savior Jesus Christ and testify and pound the Book of Mormon and just bring the Spirit and help him recognize the Spirit. We go in and the lesson starts off good and then it just went down hill. He started getting frusterated and going after our doctorine even though we were giving him layup answers that I feel like can't be interperated at all a different way. He has a lot off Catholic doctorine ingrained in him even though he doesn't like the Catholic church. We just got really bold with Gilbert and basically called him out and said if he really believes in the Holy Ghost and that it can tell him the truth of all things then he shouldn't be this stubborn. We said he could not believe one word we said but if he brings this information we've shared to Heavenly Father in prayer the Holy Ghost will testify. We answered every question he tried to come back at us with, "Ask and the Holy Ghost will testify, we've already given you the answer." The Holy Ghost was so strong in that room and he finally said, "Fine if we want the Holy Ghost to talk to us, pray for me right now." And as soon as he said that I was prompted and I told him that as priesthood holders we could give him a blessing. He agreed and I started giving him the blessing. I was saying that we bless him to have an open mind and an open heart as he calls on his Heavenly Father in prayer to know if the Church is true and all of a sudden I had no control over my mouth and the words just came out by the Spirit, "And know through the Power of the Holy Ghost that this is the true church you have been looking for." I have never felt the Spirit so strong when those words came out of me. If he denies feeling the Holy Ghost the next time we see him I'll be kinda crushed, because I know he feels the Spirit.

Sorry about the long email but the Church is true. There is no doubt and I have been so infinitly blessed to have been born into this Church. I know The Book of Mormon is true and I know Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, I know the true church was restored and that Jesus Christ is leading this church. I'll talk to you all next week, love you guys!

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