Who and What We Are

Email Star is a simple hosting company powered by FileMaker, Lasso, and Mac OS X. We use the basic tools - nothing fancy. Why, because we want to offer you fast, reliable, simple, and most import - affordable service. We want to allow any FileMaker developer to get their solution online.
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FileMaker and FileMaker Go


is powerful, easy-to-use database software that helps you and your team get any task done faster. Millions of people in business, government, and education use FileMaker Pro to effortlessly manage all their information on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web.

  • Create custom databases
  • Access your data via the web
  • Free iPad and iPhone versions
  • Share data with other users
  • Easy to produce reports

For more about FileMaker Hosting.
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Web Hosting and Lasso


embraces open standards making it easy to work with a wide range of data sources, Web servers, and platforms. Web applications you develop on one platform can be deployed on another seamlessly.

  • Easy to code
  • Secure
  • Fast

Web Hosting

all hosting comes with Lasso, PHP, and support for many open source platforms such as WordPress.

For more about Web and Lasso 8.5 hosting.