We Hate Our New Room Mate

What's good friends,

This week kinda disappeared on me. We had interviews with our President, we did lots of finding on Wednesday, we did exchanges on Thursday, Friday had District Council and such and then BOOM on Saturday it snows like 14 inches. This was different than just your average 14 inches of snow back home in Utah, it gets so dark here so fast so it was spooky. The only way to describe it was like when Sully and Mike get banished to the snow place, it was pretty wild to experience when we went contacting. But we had a snow miracle that day, while we were contacting we said what's up to a lady that crossed us on the street and then she was like to the other side when she said hello back and then Elder Mohi yelled and asked where she was from and she ran back across the street to talk to us! I was pretty surprised but we started talking about the weather and she asked why we were out and we told her all about being a missionary and that stuff and she was way interested. We asked her why she was out in the Arctic weather and she said that she had been studying all day and she just "felt like she needed to take a walk." That was pretty wild, we asked about her religious background and she didn't really have one and then she asked what was different about our church and I talked about the Book of Mormon is one difference and she accepted one! Hopefully, something comes out of that but I thought it was pretty cool.

Alright to the title of my email. I had been on exchanges all Thursday and when we got to District Council on Friday to exchange back Elder Mohi told me that someone had broken into our house but hadn't really taken anything they had just knocked over some stuff over and moved some stuff, this made sense to me because as missionaries we are very poor and we don't have anything of real money value anyway. Well we head home from District Council and I am bringing all my stuff from exchanges into our bedroom and on the top of a mattress that we have up against a window in our apartment there is a squirrel. My first thought was, "Is that real?" and then it moved and confirmed to me that it was indeed real and it was in our bedroom. I yelled at Elder Mohi and he thought I was joking so he didn't come but I yelled at him again and he walked over and was like what the freak. It hopped down and ran behind our suitcases in the closet, I started filming and Elder Mohi grabbed a broom and was poking at it and it hopped from behind the suitcases, onto Elder Mohi's leg, into the kitchen and then behind the oven. I started poking at it and then it went into the oven. We called our landlord and he sent a patience guy who took our oven apart and then the squirrel fell out and ran underneath our sink and up into the wall. The pest control people came and put in a trap and it's been living in our wall ever since. We named him Korihor because he is the Anti Christ. He is a terrible roommate, he never cleans up, he eats all our bread, and he refuses to go into the trap. We came home from Church and our apartment was TRASHED. I buckled down and locked the entrance from into the wall and the entrance to our kitchen, I packed it with boxes, pillows, and weights. It looks really ghetto but hopefully Korihor will be good and go into the trap.

Anyway sorry for the long email. For a quick spiritual thought we were reading about Lehi's dream in Sunday School and I always think that it's very interesting to read about the people that weren't in the Great Building and weren't at the tree of life, or left the tree of life. It talks about that the began to "feel their way" to the great and spacious building. It then says that many were lost and drowned in the river. People who want to go to the great and spacious building don't even make it most of the time! They can't live up to it or don't fit in with the other people. Just remember that next time you're tempted by something worldly that you know isn't good for you, you might not even make it to the building. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, lets everyone eat the fruit no matter who you are.

Love all you guys, talk to you next week!

Hey what's up everybody??

This week disappeared. It was definitely because we were busy which always is way good. We started off our week with a Bible stand on the campus of Queens which was super cool. Students crack me up, I feel like I'm back in High School when I'm around them. It's super good talking to them because they're super open to hearing what you say but they don't care about Jesus at all. We met one guy who thought the Book of Mormon was, "super sick!" and we're hoping to meet with him this week and finally get some new blood in the YSA. Pray for Chase if you get a chance.

We also had Zone Conference and I got to see all of my buddies from my last district which is always good. At the end of Zone Conference Elder Mohi had to run to an area to do a baptismal interview so we went on a mini exchange and I drove with another Elder to an area called Peterborough. As we were driving up some THICK fog dropped down on us. It was pretty wild how bad it was and I was on the highway so it was crazy to navigate. We got to the area and we switched comps back and I drove back through at it got worse, a car almost ran straight into us on a small road it was crazy. The mists of darkness are a lot more real in my mind now from that experience lol.

A small spiritual thought: I was watching a video about an analysis of the Book of Mormon and it was talking about the literary miracle it is. A guy was analyzing it from the point of view that Joseph Smith wrote it and he said that if the Book of Mormon stood alone as a book of fantasy it would be one of the most remarkable works of literature ever written. Joseph Smith is a prophet and there is no doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It's not even possible that it could have been written by him, it was written by the Prophets of the Old World of the Americas and it's an insane argument to say that it wasn't found by the way Joseph Smith said he found it. I love the Book of Mormon and I love studying it. Gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, it's the most important book you can spend your time reading.

Love all you guys talk to you next week!

What's good?

This week the grind has started to pay off. The students are coming back to school finally so we're in business. We went on exchanges and I was with a dude who's been out of the MTC for 3 weeks and he does not like talking to people so I had to get creative. A missionary here had made a survey he used for contacting so I printed out a bunch and headed to he campus. We talked to a lot of people and got some contact info from like 4 people so that was dope.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a solid New Year. I spent my New Year at a Subway across the street from my apartment till 9. We are party animals.

We're teaching a woman named Christina from the Philipines which is going well. She's accepting all of the lessons and believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith is a prophet but the only problem is she works the night shift at a hospital so she literally works 10 pm to 7 am including weekends so 10 am church is not working for her. She's also going to school during the day now since the holidays are over and we're scared she'll never be able to meet with us. Hopefully she can find some free time and a miracle can happen so that she doesn't have to work on weekends.

Love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

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