Shred the Gnar

What's up!

This week was another week. We have almost finished calling every person in the ward list. We have about 10 left and not a lot of people want to meet haha. We had a great lesson with our man Matthew, he's a beast. We've also been super sick of being inside so we've been going outside a lot and it's so nice. We've been taking the bikes to the "mountain" (it's not a mountain it's like an average hill.) We shred around a little bit.

Hope everyone is doing well! The Church is true!

What's up yall,

This week was so refreshing. I went and picked up my brand new companion on Tuesday and we've been off to the races ever since. His name is Elder Bravender and he's from Alberta and he's a funny dude. We've been grinding to find some new people from Areabook and we've just started randomly messaging people on Facebook. It's like tracting but with the internet.

We also had a sick lesson with a man we found from a Bible ad! He just wanted to get straight to business at the lesson and we had felt like teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about everything and read from 2 Nephi 31 and I was prompted to ask him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes! We hope we can set a solid date for somewhere in July.

Thanks everyone for the prayers, love you all and take care!

What's up everyone,

This week was the last week of the transfer thank goodness. I legitimately feel like I climbed a mountain, it was a loooonnnggg 6 weeks haha. We had a little bit of success this week too. There was a man that responded to an ad for a free Bible that a missionary put up who wanted to learn more. We had a lesson with him and he was a super cool guy! He's from Ghana so the language barrier is prevalent over a video call but it was still good. We taught the Restoration and I think it peaked his interest into reading the Book of Mormon so we'll see where that goes!

I am staying in Etobicoke and I am also training woot woot. Training is the best position in the mission so I was freakin stoked when I got the call. Good things are ahead ladies n gents. Everyone stay safe out there, the world is going wild. Love y'all, read the Book of Mormon it's kinda a big deal.


Elder Shipley

What's goooooodd,

Yeah sorry about not writing an email for the last two weeks, nothing was going on so I didn't want to make the effort. Still not much has been going on though sorry. Over the past two weeks we've had a lessons with a woman who has been coming to church for like 3 years and reads the Book of Mormon a ton. We've been teaching her all transfer but we felt like this was the week to invite her to be baptized. Interesting that it was the week thats Alma at the waters of Mormon in Come Follow Me and she had read it. I felt the Spirit, I extended the invitation, aaannndddd she says she doesn't know everything yet. I'm like I don't know everything yet either. What the heck. We'll keep working with her.

We also moved to a city called Barrie because one of my comps has been in the Barrie hospital for the last two weeks. They let him out but he's got to stay close by so we're in Barrie now. We're still the Etobicoke missionaries but we're an hour away from the area so that just makes missionary work even easier than it already was. *sigh* Welp what can you do.

The Church is true ladies n gents. Love you guys hope you have a good week.


Another week in the books. I really can't think of anything that happened this week. I have been keeping busy by playing piano which is the most interesting thing I've done all week. I have new companions, one is from Tahiti and one is from Vegas. Uuuuuuhhhhh... we've had a couple lessons with members and there's some cool people.

Btw Facebook wrecked me and locked me out of my account so I had to make a new one so if you get a friend request it's me lol. Give thanks for being in the USA if you live there rn, the regulations are coming down but Canada is wild so idk how long we're gonna be in here. Much love! Talk to yall next week.

Prison Tunes


Where to begin, where to begin... there was much good and there was much sad. We have officially called everyone who has ever met with the missionaries in Etobicoke and apparently the still aren't interested in the Gospel. On Wednesday we got a new comp because his comp had to go home, good guy. We had a lesson with the Russians but the language barrier is just too much, they don't understand half the things we say. We'll have to work on bringing someone who can speak Russian.

Elder Gardner bought a guitar on Thursday and has been playing tunes from back home and it is so nice. Guitar makes the heart happy.

I'm very very sad to say that my son is leaving. Elder Gardner is going to a new area and I'm getting another comp from Tahiti. I'm sad to see Elder Gardner go, hes an awesome guy. Welp, talk to you next week I guess.