My Powers Are Increasing . . .

Howdy friends,

Wow what a week.(How many times have you heard people say that this week haha). Alright everything was normal, fine, and dandy on Monday. I thought I was still okay to be a missionary and then boom Tuesday morning Pres emails us and says get your butts in doors it's the end game now. Welp I was frustrated because I still think corona is fake news but it's okay, we're obedient.

For the past week I have increased exponentially in Gospel knowledge. The streets of Toronto are not safe when I am released from isolation. I have finished Saints, the New Testament, and the Book of Mormon. If you see a man on the news smiting people, calling fire down from heaven, sealing the heavens, and turning sticks into serpents you know who it is.

The church is true everyone! Isolation is a great time to become acquainted with all the wonderful literature our church has put out for us to increase our testimony. Elder Bednar has counseled use to "drink deeply" from the scriptures by looking for themes and patterns. Love you all!

P.S I'm getting transfered to a new area because there's not enough missionaries anymore to cover all the areas. My new area is Etobicoke.

What's up brethren and sisters

Dang what a wild, wild week to be a missionary, especially for us. This week was transfers so I got my new comp Elder Lolesio. He is from American Samoa and hes super dope.

We whitewashed the area which means both Elders left and they stuck us brand new to the area together. We got to work and have been meeting some cool people. We went to 1 YSA activity and met some of the YSA members of our Branch. You know we're just goin along having a great time being in one of the best areas in the mission and then BOOM the world goes freakin nuts and all of a sudden we dont have church, activities, english class, we can't get close to people, can't shake hands. I think Corona is fake news and the only thing that should be canceled is General Conference because our favorite Apostles and Prophets are not the youngest bunch so they would probably be very affected if they got Corona. But they can’t take away General Conference. That’s a missionary’s Super Bowl. Idk why everyone else is losing their minds. Just play ball, let us go to church and everyone RELAX. Canada definitely needs to relax, I have never seen so many medical masks and people get so freaked out when someone coughs. Canada is in hysteria, meanwhile me and Elder Lolesio just want some tiolet paper.

Anyway we still have a work to do. It just got way harder though because we can't invite anyone to church and YSA people we meet on the streets love activities like sports nights but we can't invite them to those either. On top of that because we whitewashed we don't know anyone in the Branch and we were suppose to go teach Come Follow Me to members but we don't know any lol. I feel like the first missionaries that they talk about in D&C a little bit, they couldn't invite to church because it was so far away and all they could do was testify and give people Book of Mormons. I got mad respect for those guys, I feel.

God is so good though. I woke up and thought it was gonna be a grind of a Sunday but he gave us so many miracles. A guy responded to one of my old Book of Mormon ads and so we gave him a Book of Mormon and he wants to meet with us, come to church, and bring a friend who is interested! Then on the way home I said hi to a guy, he recognized us, asked for some teaching because his mom passed away, I was able to testify of the Plan of Salvation, we gave him a card so hopefully he hits us up. God is so good guys, and no unhallowed hand can stop the work.

I hope you guys have a great week, keep praying for missionary work it needs your prayers. The church is so true, the prophet called all of this so just think about that. Hopefully yall listened and took your vitamin pills just like he said so you can quit freaking out about stupid Corona lol. Now you can't mess around with Come Follow Me it's all you got haha. Have a good week!

Farewell KTown

What's up ladies and gents!

This week was a pretty solid week. We did some more grinding that went nowhere but it's all good it's getting warmer so people will be friendly we hope. Highlight of the week though was President Ballard came and spoke to us! It was actually pretty surreal is how I would describe it. We were all posed for a picture and all of a sudden we heard his voice and saw him walk in. Super cool guy, he spoke and he was way funny. Apostles are people just like us but I definitely got a witness that he was an actual Apostle of Jesus Christ.

Welp I'm leaving Kingston... and going to the big city! I was transferred and I will be going to Toronto to do YSA work. I'm super excited and blessed. I honestly was super surprised when I got the call. Please pray for me because I've got some goals this transfer and I could use all the help I can get.

I love you all and hope you are all trying to come closer to Christ in your lives. Doing simple things and asking in prayer for ways to come closer to Him will really improve your relationship with God.

Elder Shipley

I dont know what God has planned but it's gonna be good...
What's up!

We had a miracle this week ladies and gentlemen! I don't care if this email is long I am freakin hyped over it!

So we got a referral from Salt Lake last week about a couple that moved here from China. It said Nate was a former basketball player and that had been going to church consistently in Shanghai for a bit but no missionaries had formally taught them. We got in contact and they said they were down to meet on Thursday. Assuming they were Chinese people we walked into the restaurant and looked for Chinese people but none were there. In the middle of texting them that we were there a dude like 6 ft 7 walks in and he looked like Latrell Spewell when he had the dreads and the beard. His wife is with him and we sit down and get to know them and hes such a dope guy! So humble, such a good christian. His wife on the other hand does not seem as open and she is a snappy, business woman personality and she was giving us some push back. Heavenly Father has for sure prepared Nate's path to be introduced to the true church. The story is really a miracle:

He is born in Kansas and plays college ball there and as he is trying to get drafted he is invited to a combine in UTAH and then he is picked up by a minor league team in IDAHO! I mean how can you get more members of the church around you then living there. He told us he had tons of friends that were members on his team and that he knew when he played. Anyway he goes along and then an NBA team says they like him... the UTAH FREAKIN JAZZ. So he goes and it on their practice squad playing with Malone and Stockten for a bit and again living around members. He leaves the team and moves to Cowaite (idk if that's how you spell the countries name) and meets his wife. They then move around and most recently are in Shanghai. So he's at the grocery store in Shanghai and he doesn't speak English so he puts into Google translate, "Do you know where the baking soda is?" And she claims they don't sell that and he's like bs I know it's here. A guy behind him says, "I can show you where that is." So Nate, obviously looking out of place, peaks this guys curiosity and asks Nate about his story. Nate tells him about his basketball stuff and the guy is like, "oh cool you played in Utah? I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HE FOUND ONE OF THE FEW MEMBERS IN CHINA! ONE OF THE BIGGEST CITIES IN THE WORLD. So he invites him to church and they went consistantly for a couple months and became good friends with a lot of the members. The story doesn't end... Liana, his wife, is from Kingston and they came here for Vacation. Welp Coronavirus hits and now they can't get back to China and we have been blessed to be sent this referral. I really, really think Heavenly Father has something for me and Elder Massey to do to help them come to the church and idk what it is but its going to be good. They came to church yesterday and our Branch killed it! Fast and testimony meeting is scary for missionaries but we had one of the best I've had on my mission. Then the Branch members did so good to get to know them and Nate was making friends with some of the guys. We're freakin hyped!!!

I just want to testify that miracles have not ceased and that God is a God of miracles. I think it's a miracle I've even had a chance to meet these people. I can't wait to see what God has planned for me to do to help these people but I'll do whatever he needs. Even if I get transfered or they head back to China I hope that I will have done something to help them along. Please pray for Liana to soften her heart to the message and listen to our message. We are really praying we can get her on board. I love you all I'm so grateful for the support you give. Have a great week!

What's up friends.

This week was another dry one. We did a lot of knocking on doors and the new catchphrase of Canada should be, "I'm too busy right now." Which is very interesting because it looks like you've been watching Cake Boss on Netflix for 12 straight hours but that's none of my business lol.

The highlight of the week was probably getting to teach Sunday School for the YSA. I got called Saturday night so I didn't have a lot of time to prep AND it was on the Isaiah chapters, fortunately, I like Isaiah. The coolest thing that I took away from teaching about those chapters is that we don't have to worry about keeping up with the world. It's like Isaiah is saying, "Calm down, don't worry about those people that dress nice, have all the money, party all the time, they have their reward and it's not good." I think we all should read those chapters with the mindset that Nephi wanted us to have when we read from Isaiah. Verse 8: "And now I write some of the words of Isaiah, that whoso of my people shall see these words may lift up their hearts and rejoice for all men..." I found comfort in his words and I think if we all studied with some more real intent we would see how awesome Isaiah is at comforting us.

Love you all, talk to you next week!

What's good!

This week was pretty dry haha. We had a ton of appointments fall through, investigators disappear, and lots of finding time. We did have a funny experience though while we were knocking. We knocked on a door and a woman from Ghana. She opened up and said that she would let anyone in to talk about Jesus so we were like, sweet. We walked in and we're into the Restoration and she stopped us when we got to prophets. She said that in their church they believed that everyone was a prophet and she was very enthusiastic about it, she was one of the preachers for her church we learned. We were able to roast her thanks to my buddy Jacob Wright. She said, "If your friend in Ghana tells the people this they'll never believe him." So I was like hold the phone and I pulled up the pic of my boy Jakes baptizing those guys in Ghana and she was like uuuuuhhhhh. The church is true ladies n gents.

Keep up the good work back home whatever you're doing. Keep going to church because that's the cool thing to do, and we love to have you haha. Talk to you next week!