What's up friends.

This week was another dry one. We did a lot of knocking on doors and the new catchphrase of Canada should be, "I'm too busy right now." Which is very interesting because it looks like you've been watching Cake Boss on Netflix for 12 straight hours but that's none of my business lol.

The highlight of the week was probably getting to teach Sunday School for the YSA. I got called Saturday night so I didn't have a lot of time to prep AND it was on the Isaiah chapters, fortunately, I like Isaiah. The coolest thing that I took away from teaching about those chapters is that we don't have to worry about keeping up with the world. It's like Isaiah is saying, "Calm down, don't worry about those people that dress nice, have all the money, party all the time, they have their reward and it's not good." I think we all should read those chapters with the mindset that Nephi wanted us to have when we read from Isaiah. Verse 8: "And now I write some of the words of Isaiah, that whoso of my people shall see these words may lift up their hearts and rejoice for all men..." I found comfort in his words and I think if we all studied with some more real intent we would see how awesome Isaiah is at comforting us.

Love you all, talk to you next week!

What's good!

This week was pretty dry haha. We had a ton of appointments fall through, investigators disappear, and lots of finding time. We did have a funny experience though while we were knocking. We knocked on a door and a woman from Ghana. She opened up and said that she would let anyone in to talk about Jesus so we were like, sweet. We walked in and we're into the Restoration and she stopped us when we got to prophets. She said that in their church they believed that everyone was a prophet and she was very enthusiastic about it, she was one of the preachers for her church we learned. We were able to roast her thanks to my buddy Jacob Wright. She said, "If your friend in Ghana tells the people this they'll never believe him." So I was like hold the phone and I pulled up the pic of my boy Jakes baptizing those guys in Ghana and she was like uuuuuhhhhh. The church is true ladies n gents.

Keep up the good work back home whatever you're doing. Keep going to church because that's the cool thing to do, and we love to have you haha. Talk to you next week!

Namaste everybody,

This week was a week! I don't know how else to describe it lol. We took a trip out to Brampton for Elder Massey to go to the doctors before he goes home so we were in the car for a long time on Tuesday. The Vegas did feed us and I love that family so much so that was super cool. Other than that it was the usual street contacting, tracting, and grind.

To the title of my email. On Wednesday we had a day of grinding and we were getting in a dinner hour when we got a message. A guy who we met on the street way back messaged us asking us if we were coming to the Bible study he does with some friends. If we back up a couple of weeks we stopped him and were asking about where the Christians lived on campus and he told us about this Bible study he does and I invited myself and got his Facebook. Weeks go by and he doesn't go one week, doesn't respond the next week and we eventually forget about it because we think he's not interested. We were really surprised when he texted us so we hustled down to the Bible study. There were 8 YSA guys in the room, all Christian, all wondering who the well-dressed dudes were... it's showtime. We sat down and wanted to blend in so we just kinda got into it. They were studying Micah and to be honest I haven't been in Micah that much lol. I thought showtime was gonna be a no go but in the verses, it talked about the Gathering of Israel, so it's showtime again. The leader guy asks a discussion question and no one speaks so I'm prompted and I raise my hand and say, "So where did all the people of these tribes go?" They had never thought about that and one "smart" guy just talked about Judah and the Jews and I asked where did like Gad, and Emphram and all the boys go. They had no answer so they asked us and it turned into a super loving and bold conversation and then we all prayed for each other in a circle. They then asked us a ton about missions and invited us back and we were hyped!! Super big miracle, many prayers were said, milk was drunk, we were super happy. Welp, on Sunday we got a message from the leader guy that said we shouldn't come back because he doesn't agree with our doctrine and he doesn't want discussion. Needless to say, we did not have a good sacrament meeting lol. But what can you do, maybe one of them will have a change of heart.

Love you guys, talk next week. Stay in them scriptures!

What's up everyone I hope you all had a good week!

This week was pretty solid, after P-day we drove down to my old grounds Scarborough to stay the night before transfers. It was so fun to see the Borough Boys and catch up. That next morning I dropped Elder Mohi off at the Toronto Stake Center and said goodbye to him and then we took Gardiner Road, it's the highway that cuts straight through the city so if you want to check it on Google Maps you'll see how cool it is, to the Brampton Stake Center. We caught up with some other mission guys and I met my new comp Elder Massey. He's such a cool guy, he's from New Delhi, the biggest city in India, and he's been on his mission for like 23 months so this will be his last area we think. He lived by the American Embassy so he hung out with a bunch of Americans so we like a bunch of the same stuff.

This week we tried to work with a lot of less active people. We got a list from our ward mission leader of all the less actives and all it's turned into is us cleaning up the branch list. It's alright though it'll be good to help the branch. We did have 2 at church! That is a really big deal, I've never had that many at church on my mission. One woman and her daughter came and they seemed to enjoy it but we ask about how they feel and they just miss the Spirit I guess. I don't know what the deal is but we'll keep working. We also had a guy we've been teaching come to the YSA. He was doing good and even participated in the Sunday School a little bit. Me and Elder Massey we're laughing because he wouldn't take a Book of Mormon when we met but he wanted to get one after Sunday School so something changed haha.

I don't have any crazy spiritual thoughts this week but I just want to testify of our modern day prophet and the apostles. It's so cool to have them on this earth being special witnesses of Jesus Christ. I know they're inspired men and that they know what they're talking about when they teach us. They definitely are not perfect people because no one is, but they are Jesus Christ's Apostles. I love you guys I'll talk to you all next week!

We Hate Our New Room Mate\
What's good friends,\
This week kinda disappeared on me. We had interviews with our President, we did lots of finding on Wednesday, we did exchanges on Thursday, Friday had District Council and such and then BOOM on Saturday it snows like 14 inches. This was different than just your average 14 inches of snow back home in Utah, it gets so dark here so fast so it was spooky. The only way to describe it was like when Sully and Mike get banished to the snow place, it was pretty wild to experience when we went contacting. But we had a snow miracle that day, while we were contacting we said what's up to a lady that crossed us on the street and then she was like to the other side when she said hello back and then Elder Mohi yelled and asked where she was from and she ran back across the street to talk to us! I was pretty surprised but we started talking about the weather and she asked why we were out and we told her all about being a missionary and that stuff and she was way interested. We asked her why she was out in the Arctic weather and she said that she had been studying all day and she just "felt like she needed to take a walk." That was pretty wild, we asked about her religious background and she didn't really have one and then she asked what was different about our church and I talked about the Book of Mormon is one difference and she accepted one! Hopefully, something comes out of that but I thought it was pretty cool.\
Alright to the title of my email. I had been on exchanges all Thursday and when we got to District Council on Friday to exchange back Elder Mohi told me that someone had broken into our house but hadn't really taken anything they had just knocked over some stuff over and moved some stuff, this made sense to me because as missionaries we are very poor and we don't have anything of real money value anyway. Well we head home from District Council and I am bringing all my stuff from exchanges into our bedroom and on the top of a mattress that we have up against a window in our apartment there is a squirrel. My first thought was, "Is that real?" and then it moved and confirmed to me that it was indeed real and it was in our bedroom. I yelled at Elder Mohi and he thought I was joking so he didn't come but I yelled at him again and he walked over and was like what the freak. It hopped down and ran behind our suitcases in the closet, I started filming and Elder Mohi grabbed a broom and was poking at it and it hopped from behind the suitcases, onto Elder Mohi's leg, into the kitchen and then behind the oven. I started poking at it and then it went into the oven. We called our landlord and he sent a patience guy who took our oven apart and then the squirrel fell out and ran underneath our sink and up into the wall. The pest control people came and put in a trap and it's been living in our wall ever since. We named him Korihor because he is the Anti Christ. He is a terrible roommate, he never cleans up, he eats all our bread, and he refuses to go into the trap. We came home from Church and our apartment was TRASHED. I buckled down and locked the entrance from into the wall and the entrance to our kitchen, I packed it with boxes, pillows, and weights. It looks really ghetto but hopefully Korihor will be good and go into the trap.\
Anyway sorry for the long email. For a quick spiritual thought we were reading about Lehi's dream in Sunday School and I always think that it's very interesting to read about the people that weren't in the Great Building and weren't at the tree of life, or left the tree of life. It talks about that the began to "feel their way" to the great and spacious building. It then says that many were lost and drowned in the river. People who want to go to the great and spacious building don't even make it most of the time! They can't live up to it or don't fit in with the other people. Just remember that next time you're tempted by something worldly that you know isn't good for you, you might not even make it to the building. Jesus Christ, on the other hand, lets everyone eat the fruit no matter who you are.\
Love all you guys, talk to you next week!