President Howard W. Hunter (1907–95) declared: “Fear, which can come upon people in difficult days, is a principal weapon in the arsenal which Satan uses to make mankind unhappy. He who fears loses strength for the combat of life in the fight against evil. Therefore the power of the evil one always tries to generate fear in human hearts. In every age and in every era, mankind has faced fear.”

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When Should C9 Isolation End

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Toronto Canada Missionary Discussions

Here the Church of Jesus Christ missionary discussions.


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Don't Panic! Stop the Hysteria!

To help mitigate infectious transmission of COVID-19, health care officials advise anyone who thinks they might have the virus to first call their doctor before going to a hospital
Wash hands thoroughly and often
Stay home if you’re feeling sick
Don’t touch your face
Cough or sneeze in your elbow or a tissue

Risk and symptoms:
You could be at risk of having COVID-19 if you’ve recently traveled to mainland China, South Korea or, to a lesser extent, Japan, Italy and Iran
Infected patients typically have a fever, cough and shortness of breath

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Excited for dad to come home.